Scientific Solutions for Saving Our Kids' Future

Proven Profitable & Sustainable Scientific Solutions for a Better Life

Will you help save our kids' future?

Worsening climate, pollution, inflation, poverty, migration, viruses, and wars threaten us.

We have been collecting the best solutions for supplying the Basic Needs of Humanity, especially supplying and storing Energy, revolutionizing Construction and Recycling.



High-Quality Water, Food, Energy, Health, Beauty, Construction, Housing, Mobility, Household, and Kitchen Products or Projects at affordable pricesrevolutionizing Retail and Recycling with Proven Profitable and Sustainable Scientific Solutions.

Almost all of our products are ready to be sold and/or accept capital for quicker expansion. 

We have been dealing with three kinds of Projects:

  1. Already Successful Projects
  2. Startups where the inventor only has to deal with the development of his/her invention; our Startup Factory guarantees all the other tasks.
  3. Thematic Funds

We partnered with several "SUCCESSFULLY BOOTSTRAPPED PROJECTS" that evolved without external capital injection.

  • E-Stream Energy Storage, the best battery technology in the world, explosion-, impact-, and fireproof, 6,500 cycles @ 80% Capacity.:
  • ISB-PHC, 
  • Revoltherm
  • Insulation Robot
  • Chemical Recycling
  • Plastic-Free Water & Salt: subtracting plastic from the oceans and generating pure drinking water, salt, oil, gas, and hydrogen.
  • BioChemical Recycling
  • Maxing Out Biogas
  • Soil Treatment
  • Waste Water Treatment



In the past, we had some valuable but costly experiences when substantial investments got lost due to founders who could not resolve specific issues of startup management, such as raising further capital, obtaining approvals, or resolving marketing, sales, administrative, legal, or other challenges.

A couple of years ago, we started to develop a method where the founders are only responsible for product development while we perform all the other tasks

The last couple of years brought exceptional, extraordinary results: all six projects worked with perfect scores, each raising the necessary capital (more than 10 Million Euros) from almost 2,000 small investors with more than 6,000 contracts and practically zero attrition. 

Other signs of success: five are ready for Production / Launch, and the sixth is very near.

  • Blokkwood Heat Treated Wood
  • EFC, "the Reclining Comfort"
  • BabyUnic 15 in 1 Furniture & Toy
  • Bicarbion
  • Safisoft / Wingman, StockMagnet, HelpUS, 
  • DockStar

We bundled all our software projects into Safisotf.

We have prepared similar "TEMATHIC FUNDS" for launch:

- Sustainable Construction 



 Real Estate Projects using our construction technologies. 


As detailed in the Microplastic-Free WATER & SALT Production project, we can solve WATER SUPPLY by On-Shore and Off-Shore Desalination.


Profit by Saving the World! Please USE, REFER TO, and INVEST IN our Solutions!

You will receive Profits, Benefits, and Referral Fees and can be proud because you helped save our kids' future!


- There are more and more WATER shortages, and we can anticipate even bigger ones. Lithium-ion manufacturing for EVs, growing capacity data centers, computers running AI, and industrial agriculture require more and more water, while rising temperatures are causing even more need and less water supply. As a result (and a cause), our RIVERS, LAKES, and even GROUNDWATER are DRYING OUT, causing even more water shortages. 

FOOD is becoming more and more SCARCE and EXPENSIVE due to wars, droughts, and other plagues, or LESSER QUALITY due to the decades-long exploitation of soil by industrial agriculture.

- We need more and more ENERGY to pump the groundwater from deeper and deeper, to use more air conditioning for homes and cooling for growing data centers, and to fuel more and more EVs.

- The lack of movement, unhealthy food, insufficient healthcare systems, harsher climate conditions, and growing stress endanger our HEALTH.

- Due to the growing threats of extreme weather conditions, fires, floods, and landslides require the development and use of  Sustainable HOUSING and CONSTRUCTION technologies.

- We should find solutions in MOBILITY, revolutionizing how to move sustainably, decreasing fuel consumption and emission of toxic substances in the case of combustible engines, and decreasing relative carbon footprint in the case of Electric Vehicles. 

RETAIL is a must as people need to purchase supplies. Decreasing the carbon footprint of retail is essential to achieve sustainability.

- As the human population increased to 8 billion, RECYCLING became essential to sustainability and survival.

If one of the basic needs is insufficient, it hurts the ability to obtain the others, and the whole Human Survival Ecosystem becomes very unstable.

We have found the solutions below. Please get in touch and Receive Continuous Referral Fees if you know other Solutions.

As detailed in the Microplastic-Free WATER & SALT Production project, we can solve WATER SUPPLY by On-Shore and Off-Shore Desalination.

We can ease the problems of FOOD SUPPLY by natural fertilizers for the soil, food supplements for animals and plants(!), and hydroponic food production for humans: HEALTHY FOOD SUPPLY.

We can ease the problems of ENERGY STORAGE with our Utmostly Efficient ENERGY STORAGE project, and we can GENERATE ENERGY with our Environmentally-Safe OIL, GAS, & ENERGY Production by Waste Recycling project.

We can ease HEALTH PROBLEMS already with SAFE LASER. Other health-related products and projects are coming soon.

Our SUSTAINABLE HOUSING project lists our Profitable, Sustainable, Energy-Efficient HOUSING and CONSTRUCTION Solutions.

USE, REFER to, and INVEST in our Solutions! 

You will receive Profits, Benefits, and Referral Fees and can be proud because you helped save our kids' future!

Please get in touch and Receive Continuous Referral Fees if you know other Solutions.