Plastic Extraction, Chemical Recycling & Desalination

Will you join us to save our kids' future through Micro & Nano Plastic-Free Water & Salt Production?

There is a water shortage, and the ocean is full of microplastics. We can produce 350,000 cubic meters of microplastic-free SWEETWATER, around 11,000 tons of microplastic-free SALT, and about 210 tons of PLASTIC OIL per day with only one Ocean Waste Recycling Ship.


WATER SHORTAGES are a grave problem worldwide:

We need more and more water for Human Consumption and Agriculture.

More and more countries and regions are already suffering from severe Water Shortages.

The Warming Climate will more likely result in even more severe Water Shortages.

On top of that, Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc., require more and more water to cool their Data Centers.

Electric Vehicles also need more and more Water for the growing Lithium-ion Battery Production

There are around 20,000 ​Onshore Desalination Plants worldwide, but the approval and construction of Onshore Desalination Plants usually take 8-10 YEARS; furthermore, they increase the salt concentration of the water and kill the Ecosystem.


MACRO-, MICRO- & NANO PLASTIC POLLUTION of WATER is also a grave problem worldwide:

Oceans and seas have a vast amount of plastic pollution poisoning Sea Life.

Consequently, there are more and more micro- & nano plastic particles in our Tap Water.

Plastic bottles emit plastic, so our Bottled Waters also have more and more plastic particles.

Widely used Sea Salt also contains more and more micro- & nano plastic particles.


We can resolve or smoothen all the above problems by PLASTIC EXTRACTION, CHEMICAL RECYCLING, and DESALINATION.

If there is a demand for Onshore Desalination, we can help shorten procedures and maximize the quality of onshore desalination because our partner, a German company, has developed one of the best desalination technologies in the world. Still, for several reasons, we suggest working with OFFSHORE DESALINATION, using the desalination technology of the same leading German desalination technology provider:

With Offshore Desalination, we can sustainably and profitably produce up to 350,000 cubic meters of MICROPLASTIC FREE SWEETWATER every daywithin around one and a half years instead of 8-10 years. 

We can also produce up to 11,000 tons of SUPERB QUALITY MICROPLASTIC FREE SALT and approximately 210 tons of PLASTIC OIL daily with a single Ocean Waste Recycling Ship.

Offshore Desalination is more environmentally friendly and generates much less CO2 than onshore desalination, as we can use carbon-free extraction fuel by recycling plastic waste.:

The macro-, micro- & nano plastic pollution filtered out from the oceans and seas can be turned into OIL, GAS, and CARBON by our proprietary patented thermo-decomposition procedures without generating CO2 or any other pollution.

Besides Microplastic Free Sweet Water and Microplastic Free Salt, we can also generate valuable Hydrogen gas using the oil and gas of plastic pollution.


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