Your New Kitchen: "Function & Style"

Superb Quality at Very Competitive Prices. Berlinger Haus Manufactures Specialized, Unique and Innovative Kitchenware Products Made from the Most Advanced and Highest Quality Materials. 22 Product Lines, 3.500+ excellent products.

SkinWrap: All Natural Skin Cell Renew

“Providing complex nutrition for the skin at the cellular level.” SkinWrap is used for low-degree burns, skin injuries caused by hot water and objects, sunshine or UV light and insect-bites. It soothes the skin, mitigates inflammation and promotes the healing process, providing complex nutrient...

Anti-inflammation, Pain Killing & Immune Boosting @Home!

Pain Killing, Anti-inflammation and Immune System Boosting at Home! We provide safe, strong & very efficient medical lasers at very affordable prices. Our Safe Lasers® can be safely used without danger to the eyes, both in hospitals & at home. CE certified.

ADNS: Protecting Your Products, Documents & Brand

The Falsification of Documents and Products is one of the Most Injurious Illegal Act on the World. The patented ADNS method developed by experts in Intellectual Property Right Management and IT solutions can protect your Documents and Products, hence your Brand as well. LOOKING FOR USERS.

Earliest Detection: Infarct, Stroke & Preeclampsia

Life Saving Technologies: the Earliest Detection of Heart Attack, Stroke & Pre-eclampsia. German BioPharma company with breakthrough patented products and Very Strong IP, preparation of IPO with KPMG and Credit Suisse. LOOKING FOR DISTRIBUTORS & PRE-IPO PARTNERS WORLDWIDE. CE Certified.

Selection of All-Natural Hi-Tech Food Supplements

With a Portfolio of 160+ Food Supplements and 28 Years of Experience in Product Development and Manufacturing, we offer a Rebranded Selection of our Uniquely Successful Products Using Natural Ingredients and the Most Advanced Technologies for Nourishment of Cells.

ISRV Vein-Scanner: Highest Accuracy Personal ID

Highest Accuracy, Lowest Error-Rate, Heavy-Duty, Fully User-Friendly Personal Authentication Vein-Scanner System at Competitive Prices. Ideal for big, medium, even small-size companies, events. Reference: Airbus, Columbian Army, Municipality of Medellin, Groupama Stadium w.100.000+ registered users.

Healy Wearable Medical Device: Frequencies for your Life

Healy is a certified German wearable medical device that uses individually determined frequencies to stimulate specific areas of your body. It helps restoring the cell membrane tension to a natural level. Healy contains frequency programs that help promote your health, vitality and wellbeing.