Perfect results in DIY performing any screwing tasks

The Helping Hand Magnetic Driver is a real revolution in the World of DIY! Achieve the perfect results when performing any screwing task. The Nail Holder ensures maximum safety for your hands and fingers. The Snake Extender prevents the fall and loss of screws even in otherwise inaccessible places.

Your New Kitchen: "Function & Style"

Superb Quality at Very Competitive Prices. Berlinger Haus Manufactures Specialized, Unique and Innovative Kitchenware Products Made from the Most Advanced and Highest Quality Materials. 12 Product Lines, 3.500+ excellent products.

Vitality x10 Eyebrow and Eyelash Extender Treatment

Long and rich eyelashes are symbols of feminine beauty. Most ladies want longer, thicker and fuller lashes.

pH Protect BIODEGRADABLE Skin Wipes

pH Protect BIODEGRADABLE Skin Wipes for Daily Use has a US laboratory tested pH of 3.08. Using it helps adjust the skin’s pH levels to be slightly acidic where bacteria and fungus cannot grow or survive. Flushable! (Dissolves.)

SkinWrap - Skin Cell Renew

Active skin protection - “Providing complex nutrition for the skin at the cellular level.”

Anti-inflammation, Pain Killing & Immune Boosting @Home!

Pain Killing, Anti-inflammation and Immune System Boosting at Home! We provide safe, strong & very efficient medical lasers at very affordable prices. Our Safe Lasers® can be safely used without danger to the eyes, both in hospitals & at home. CE certified.

ADNS: Protecting Your Products, Documents & Brand

The Falsification of Documents and Products is one of the Most Injurious Illegal Act on the World. The patented ADNS method developed by experts in Intellectual Property Right Management and IT solutions can protect your Documents and Products, hence your Brand as well. LOOKING FOR USERS.

Earliest Detection: Infarct, Stroke & Preeclampsia

Life Saving Technologies: the Earliest Detection of Heart Attack, Stroke & Pre-eclampsia. German BioPharma company with breakthrough patented products and Very Strong IP, preparation of IPO with KPMG and Credit Suisse. LOOKING FOR DISTRIBUTORS & PRE-IPO PARTNERS WORLDWIDE. CE Certified.