Ten startups, 2,000+ investors, 10+ Million Euros raised.

Successful startups work as money-making machines for their owners, so the best thing would be for us to have a factory to create successful startups. Having Screened 400 startups, we incubated ten successful projects with 2,000+ small investors & 10+ Million Euros raised.

Automated Docking without Ropes, Preventing Accidents

No Rope: No Troubles and No More Accidents! More than 90% of Yachting accidents happen during docking. DOCKSTAR solves the problem of mooring for a very solvent target market group, the tens of million yacht and boat owners: no rope, safe docking with ease.

90% Heat Reflection, 34% Less Heating, No More Molds, Fungi

INSULATE any building using our 85%-92% Heat Reflection 1.0 mm Revoltherm Ceramic INSULATION: for an average of 34% savings on heating bills, it can be used inside and outside, no more molds or fungi, Historic Buildings, Eiffel Palace (PWC HQ), Spas, Hospitals, Barrack Containers, Lorries, etc.

Bicarbion Bicarbonate Retard Capsule by Nutrigen

Unlike any other method so far, Bicarbion Bicarbonate Retard Capsules deliver bicarbonate to the small intestine so that it can exert its beneficial effects where needed, supplying Energy, helping Reflux and Digestion, boosting Sports Performance, and establishing a Healthy, 5,5 pH Skin from inside.

A New Form of Personalized Seating & Reclining Comfort

The next revolutionary novelty of the world’s furniture industry, the material, and technology required for the CHEAP and MASSIVE production of adjustable hardness seat cushions and lying mattresses, at negligible cost compared with the price of the furniture. The Energy Free Comfort (EFC) system.

More Durable and Resistant, Stronger, Lighter, Antifungal

A gentle, chemical-free, and price-efficient wood treatment procedure. In half a day, wood becomes waterproof, antifungal, more durable, lightweight, and structurally much stronger. It can be used even in spas, bathrooms, and kitchens. Helps our fight against deforestation, and climate crisis.

15in1 Modular Furniture & Skill Enhancing Toy

A special, 15 in 1 modular wooden toy that is a useful piece of furniture, and a skill-enhancing tool for kids 0-7. Can be restructured from one piece of furniture to another very easily and quickly, so can be enjoyed while playing, eating, sleeping, relaxing, studying, climbing, or even bathing. A...

Build Earthquake, Flood & Fireproof Houses for Less!

Build excellent Earthquake-, Flood, and Fireproof houses much cheaper and quicker! You only need steel, concrete, and ISB! A house's earthquake-resistant and fireproof structure can be built in three days, with a roof in a week, and finished in two weeks, as no plaster is needed. Outstanding...