Explosion- Impact- & Fireproof 6500+Cycles @80% Capacity

Will you help the environment and your finances with our Green and Utmostly Efficient Energy Storage System? Explosion and Fireproof, 6.500+ cycles at 80%+ Capacity, 100%+ energy, Reusable, Renewable & Efficiently Recyclable. Ideal for EVs, Chargers, Industrial, PV, Home & Portable Use.

PVC, Toxic, Landfill. Produces ~7x +Energy than Using

We produce Hydrocarbon Oil, Gas, Heat, and electric ENERGY from PVC, Tires, Toxic, Mixed, Industrial, Non-separated, Communal & Landfill Waste.

Hydrocarbons & Energy from Organic & Plastic Waste

Will you help save our kids' future by RECYCLING? We can Produce Excellent Quality Hydrocarbon Oil, Gas, and Heat Energy with our Proprietary Recycling Technologies. We are looking for OWNERS of WASTE, BUYERS of HYDROCARBONS, CARBON CREDITS, and INVESTORS for more machines.

Plastic Extraction, Chemical Recycling & Desalination

There is a water shortage, and the ocean is full of microplastics. We can produce 350,000 cubic meters of microplastic-free SWEETWATER, around 11,000 tons of microplastic-free SALT, and about 210 tons of PLASTIC OIL per day with only one Ocean Waste Recycling Ship.

Profitable, Sustainable & Energy Efficient Construction

Excellent Earthquake, Flood, and Fireproof Houses @ a Low Cost in 15 days. 90% Heat Reflection, 34% Energy-saving 1 mm Ultrathin Insulation. Insulating and Painting Robot, up to 28 m. Heat-treated Wood even in Bathrooms and as Construction Aid. Self-Sustaining EV Charging Container.

Build Earthquake, Flood & Fireproof Houses for Less!

Build excellent Earthquake-, Flood, and Fireproof houses much cheaper and quicker! You only need steel, concrete, and ISB! A house's earthquake-resistant and fireproof structure can be built in three days, with a roof in a week, and finished in two weeks, as no plaster is needed. Outstanding...

90% Heat Reflection, 34% Less Heating, No More Molds, Fungi

INSULATE any building using our 85%-92% Heat Reflection 1.0 mm Revoltherm Ceramic INSULATION: for an average of 34% savings on heating bills, it can be used inside and outside, no more molds or fungi, Historic Buildings, Eiffel Palace (PWC HQ), Spas, Hospitals, Barrack Containers, Lorries, etc.

Accurate, Efficient, Economical, Fast, Safe, Up to 28 meters

Take part in the profits from the worldwide distribution of our patented INSULATING and PAINTING robot, which works with millimeter accuracy up to a height of 20 meters! With a higher lift, it insulates effectively, quickly, economically, and safely up to 28 meters with millimeter accuracy.