700% Energy Gain Recycle of PLASTIC & ORGANIC, Zero CO2!

Microplastic is life-threatening. Using RP-300 100% of PLASTIC & ORGANIC Waste, also TYRES & SEWAGE become valuable raw materials producing energy with +700% Energy Output, ZERO CO2 emissions, around 500% return by the end of the second year.

Construct Cheaper & Quicker! Earthquake & Fireproof

Build excellent earthquake and fireproof houses much cheaper and quicker! You only need steel, concrete, and ISB! The earthquake-resistant and fireproof structure of a house can be built in 10 days, and finished in two months, as no plaster is needed. Great thermal insulation but ventilate air...

Wood: +Durable, Waterproof, Stronger, Lighter, Antifungal

A gentle, chemical-free, and price-efficient wood treatment procedure. In half a day, wood becomes waterproof, antifungal, more durable, lightweight, and structurally much stronger. Can be used in many ways and industries. Helps our fight against deforestation.

10 startups, 1.600+ investors, 10+ Million Euros raised.

Successful startups work as money-making machines for their owners, so the best would be for us to have a factory for creating successful startups. Having Screened 400 startups, we incubated 10 successful projects with 1.600+ small investors & 10+ Million Euros raised.

Proven Profit-Generating Projects for Retailers

We offer significant MARGINS and COMMISSIONS for Companies and Individuals for introducing the below, PROVEN PROFIT GENERATING PROJECTS for RETAILERS. Each of the projects has the reference of major brands: Amazon, Tesco, Lidl, Auchan, etc.

Cashier-less Smart Shops: Auchan, Lidl, Kaufland, etc.

Using proprietary shopping gesture recognition and product learning engine, we turn traditional brick-and-mortar stores into highly digitized and cashier-less smart stores, providing customers a „Just-Walk-Out” Contactless Payment shopping experience.

Eternal One: Currently the Best Frying Pan in the World!

It has a unique triple-layer surface so it is extremely scratch-proof as its gridded surface prevents damage to the special coating: no food sticking, fully balanced heat distribution, exceptional heat retention, faster cooking, so less energy is required. Can be cleaned very easily. Lifetime...

Smart Logistics System for Big Warehouses

The Smart Logistics System is very useful for companies with big warehouses, offering traceability for workforce-intensive intralogistics processes, from package registration to dispatch, also very sophisticated Inventory Management.