E7: Innovative Battery Solutions with Utmost Performance

The evolution of efficiency has begun: After several years of research and development E-Seven Systems reaches a leading position in the segment of innovative battery solutions.

Earliest Detection: Infarct, Stroke & Preeclampsia

Life Saving Technologies: the Earliest Detection of Heart Attack, Stroke & Pre-eclampsia. German BioPharma company with breakthrough patented products and Very Strong IP, preparation of IPO with KPMG and Credit Suisse. LOOKING FOR DISTRIBUTORS & PRE-IPO PARTNERS WORLDWIDE. CE Certified.

ISRV Vein-Scanner: Highest Accuracy Personal ID

Highest Accuracy, Lowest Error-Rate, Heavy-Duty, Fully User-Friendly Personal Authentication Vein-Scanner System at Competitive Prices. Ideal for big, medium, even small-size companies, events. Reference: Airbus, Columbian Army, Municipality of Medellin, Groupama Stadium w.100.000+ registered users.

Anti-inflammation, Pain Killing & Immune Boosting @Home!

Pain Killing, Anti-inflammation and Immune System Boosting at Home! We provide safe, strong & very efficient medical lasers at very affordable prices. Our Safe Lasers® can be safely used without danger to the eyes, both in hospitals & at home. CE certified.

Selection of All-Natural Hi-Tech Food Supplements

With a Portfolio of 160+ Food Supplements and 28 Years of Experience in Product Development and Manufacturing, we offer a Rebranded Selection of our Uniquely Successful Products Using Natural Ingredients and the Most Advanced Technologies for Nourishment of Cells.

Your New Kitchen: "Function & Style"

Superb Quality at Very Competitive Prices. Berlinger Haus Manufactures Specialized, Unique and Innovative Kitchenware Products Made from the Most Advanced and Highest Quality Materials. 12 Product Lines, 3.500+ excellent products.

Distribution of Brazilian Organic Food with 4 Store Concepts

250+ Brazilian Organic and Natural Food Products of the "InterNutri" Brand and more than 1.000 Brazilian Natural Products of other brands sold by E-Commerce and by a Physical Store Concept of four different stores that can be combined with one another.