Your New Kitchen: "Function & Style"

Superb Quality at Very Competitive Prices. Berlinger Haus Manufactures Specialized, Unique and Innovative Kitchenware Products Made from the Most Advanced and Highest Quality Materials. 22 Product Lines, 3.500+ excellent products.

Eternal One Frying Pan - Yours Forever!

Eternal One is currently the best Frying Pan in the world. Toxin-free with a lifetime warranty. You'll get it all.

Senso: Digital Transformation of 21st-Century Businesses

Solutions for every Automatized Self-Service and Digital Signage segment of contemporary businesses: Commercial Fridges with novelty Transparent LG TV Screens, Automated Refueling & Payment Solutions for Petrol Stations, Info-screens for Hypermarkets, Airports, Stadiums, Shopping Malls, etc.

Promo Cooler with Novelty Transparent LG TV for Shops

Promo Cooler is a special cooler with a door that can also play commercials, while the products in the cooler are somewhat visible thanks to the transparent display. The door becomes even more transparent by the built-in sensors when someone moves close to Promo Fridge.

Senso: Future's Playground

FUTURE'S PLAYGROUND is a digital playground that can carry countless teaching, entertainment, and development opportunities in the light of the developed games. The various interesting games activate and “set in motion” children who are accustomed to digital games as well. Active children become...

33 Vitals Complex Nutritional Supplement

Complex nutritional supplements containing all the ingredients needed for the healthy functioning of the human body and ensuring the proper and timely absorption of the agents, resulting in an active, energetic, and healthy life. 33Vitals, nothing else!

Anti-inflammation, Painkilling & Immune Boosting @Home!

Painkilling, Anti-inflammation, and Immune System Boosting at Home! We provide safe, strong & very efficient MEDICAL LASERS at very affordable prices. Our Safe Lasers® can be safely used without danger to the eyes, both in HOSPITALS & at HOME. CE CERTIFIED MEDICAL DEVICE.

SkinWrap: All Natural Skin Cell Renew

“Providing complex nutrition for the skin at the cellular level.” SkinWrap is used for low-degree burns, skin injuries caused by hot water and objects, sunshine or UV light and insect-bites. It soothes the skin, mitigates inflammation and promotes the healing process, providing a complex nutrient...