90% Heat Reflection, 34% Less Heating, No More Molds, Fungi

INSULATE any building using our 85-92% HEAT REFLECTION 1.0 mm Revoltherm Ceramic INSULATION for an average of 34% SAVINGS ON HEATING BILLS.

It can be used inside and outside very quickly with an Airless Machine.

No more molds or fungi. 

It is ideal for Historic Buildings and museums that cannot be insulated using thick insulation layers, as those would change their original looks.

References: Eiffel Palace (PWC HQ), Sarvar Thermal SPA, Hospitals (Balatonfüred Cardiology Clinic), Barrack Containers (Hungarian Army), Lorries, etc.

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INVEST in our "Sustainable Luxury" project and see as a partner the architectural and financial results of the ISB Building and the Revoltherm Insulation technologies, start using them, and obtain territorial licenses if satisfied with the results.