Accurate, Efficient, Economical, Fast, Safe, Up to 28 meters

Artificial Intelligence in the construction industry saves lives and brings profit and speed.

Will you benefit from the international sales of our patented INSULATING and PAINTING ROBOT?

Construction companies can efficiently, quickly, economically, and safely insulate and paint buildings up to a height of 20 meters with millimeter accuracy with our robot, which can easily be raised to a height of 28 meters with a basket lift and up to a height of 100 meters with a more powerful compressor.

Our Insulation Robot is accurate, efficient, fast, economical, and safe.

For insulation, we recommend our Revoltherm ultra-thin (1.0 millimeter) ceramic insulation, with which you can achieve an average energy savings of 34%. Due to the progressive gas and electricity billing, you can gain even higher cost savings on your heating bill. Revoltherm can be used for external and internal insulation; there are no thermal bridges, condensation, mold, or fungus. It is also excellent for insulating monuments and residential buildings. Its soundproofing property is also solid and valuable.

References: Eiffel-Palace (PWC Budapest HQ), Historic Buildings like Balatonfüred Heart Hospital, Nagyatád District Court, etc., complete external insulation of hundreds of residential buildings, residential containers of the Hungarian Defense Forces, insulation of flat roofs, cargo spaces of trucks, lorries, and ships, etc.

Together, the robot and Revoltherm are ideal for insulation and painting.

Based on the results of occupational safety inspections carried out on behalf of the Ministry of National Economy, it can be established that 17 percent of severe work accidents occurred in the construction industry, and 20 percent of fatal accidents occurred in this sector.

The construction industry is one of the most dangerous sectors due to high turnover, short-term dangerous activities such as crane operation, demolition, assembly, and extreme environmental conditions. The most common cause of accidents was the lack of protection against falling. Still, many were fined for inadequate work safety knowledge and the failure to use personal protective equipment.

ESAW's study of fatal and non-fatal occupational accidents in the EU shows the same trend.

The National Labor Office makes continuous efforts to reduce the number of accidents; however, the decrees issued mostly contain regulations and do not concern improving working conditions.

The Insulating and Painting Robot opens the way for safe, high-quality, and productive construction by introducing automation and considering occupational safety.

The Insulating and Painting Robot is a semi-automatic robotic painting system that, by operating from the ground, can carry out thermal insulation and painting of building facades, thereby eliminating risk factors that cause potential work accidents, such as assembling and disassembling scaffolding, working at height, painting material inhaled during

The painting system is made up of the following elements:

- telescopic work platform with basket, gyroscopic stabilizer,
- the painting robot attached to the basket and the associated paint supply system,
- the optical and laser sensors attached to the basket, promoting artificial vision,
- control units,
- a touch-screen tablet running the painting software.

The automatic painting operations are performed in the system by the painting robot attached to a lifting basket.

For the automated operation of the robot, we provide the robot with intelligent artificial vision, i.e., with the help of optical, laser, and infrared camera sensors, we collect the data necessary for the system's decision-making ability.

The processing part of "intelligent computer vision" based on a unique algorithm (image processing based on artificial intelligence) enables the structure, transitions, and 3D dimensions of the wall to be painted to be digitally reconstructed and processed from the data obtained by synthetic vision, which determine the surfaces to be painted for the robot.

A telescopic work supports the painting robot, and the material supply system stands equipped with a gyroscopic stabilizer, which the machine operator can remotely and safely control from the ground level.

Currently, this type of automated paint sprayer is unavailable on the market. A more extensive basket lifting system can be used up to a height of 40 meters for the external heat insulation and painting of buildings and large-capacity tanks.

As a result of maintaining a stable paint layer, it is also possible to carry out painting works where quality work is essential due to uniform heat distribution.

As a result of working more productively and efficiently than manual painting, the company can do more work.

The mobile robot can be used in different countries, and several robots can be manufactured according to market needs.

With minor modifications, the robot is even suitable for the mechanical, automated cleaning of solar panels.

A 1:2 model of the robot has been completed, which shows the robot in action, mounted on a basket lift, and thanks to its intelligent vision, it avoids those surfaces that do not need to be painted (windows, doors, etc.).

The development so far has enabled two new world patent applications.

We are looking for partners and investors for the serial production.

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Partnering with us, you will help create a unique modern architectural technology for the energy- and cost-effective solution of important architectural tasks (heat, water, sound insulation, monument protection), energy savings, and, more importantly, saving human lives.