10 startups, 1.600+ investors, 10+ Million Euros raised.


Cheesy as it sounds, but wouldn’t it be good to have a factory for making money?

Successful startups work as money-making machines for their owners, so the best would be for us to have a factory for creating successful startups.

Having Screened 400 startups, we incubated 10 successful projects with 1.600+ small investors & 10+ Million Euros raised.

An astonishingly enormous number of discoveries and inventions were achieved by Hungarians, just to name a few:

In healthcare, the introduction of disinfectant handwashing for doctors to prevent deadly maternal fever, the discovery of vitamin C, the development of medical soft lasers, and the development of the mRNA COVID vaccine principle in 2020.

In electronics, the designs of the transformer and the digital computer were achieved by Hungarian scientists.

The well-known and popular Rubik's Cube, the ballpoint pen developed by Mr. Bíró, and the favorite game of the best footballers in the world, Teqball, and we could continue the list with dozens of already successful Hungarian inventions.

Wouldn’t it be good to partake in the next dozen Hungarian success stories? 

The main problems in founding successful startups are: 

- small investors lack the opportunity to invest in ideas that may turn into multimillion-dollar businesses

- inventors often lack money

- inventors also often lack the legal and marketing background as well as the organizational tools and the necessary mindset for building multimillion-dollar businesses, so they need help in these areas

- a certain knowledge of production processes is also a must in many cases

- finally, we should be able to find that ONE startup out of a hundred that will be successful  

At Safis, we have created a method to give an opportunity for Hungarian inventors, innovators, and developers to realize their ideas through startup companies involving capital from small investors.  

We have used a special company structure where small investors form a company that acquires ownership in the given startup. 

We have provided the necessary legal, marketing, and organizational background, have our skin in the game, taking risks and responsibility with all stakeholders. 

We will sell the product by an early exit or we will ourselves bring the idea to the world market.

As community founding is not really widespread in Hungary, we received more than 400 applications from inventors, and with our unique sorting system we decided to work on the following 5 ventures:

BabyUnic: A special, 15 in 1 modular wooden toy that is a useful piece of furniture, and a skill-enhancing tool for kids 0-7. Can be restructured from one piece of furniture to another very easily and quickly, so can be enjoyed while playing, eating, sleeping, relaxing, studying, climbing, or even bathing. A real-world-transformer.

Live Energy Bicarbonate Retard Capsule: Unlike antacids, Live Energy Bicarbonate Retard Capsule by MedicoSwiss is unique in delivering bicarbonate to the small intestine so that it could exert its very beneficiary effects right where needed. 

EFC is a patented technology required for the cheap mass production of adjustable hardness seat cushions and lying mattresses, at negligible cost compared to the price of the furniture.

BLOKKWOOD: A gentle, chemical-free, and price-efficient wood treatment procedure. In half a day, wood becomes waterproof, antifungal, more durable, lightweight, and structurally much stronger. Can be used in many ways and industries. Helps our fight against deforestation.

Dockstar: No Rope: No Troubles and No More Accidents! More than 90% of Yachting accidents happen during docking. Dockstar solves the problem of docking for a very solvent target market group, the tens of million yacht and boat owners: no rope, safe docking with ease.

We also have four proprietary Software developments in the Safisoft Software portfolio.

Using the experience gathered during developing the above ventures, we decided to widen our scope and start STARTUP FACTORY, where we will have actual manufacturing of certain products under the same roof. 

You may contact us at +44 20 8144-3799 or [email protected].

Becoming a partner will most likely benefit you financially and will also make you proud by helping people use these unique and useful inventions.