Profitable, Sustainable & Energy Efficient Construction

Time, Money and Energy Saving Sustainable Housing for a Greener Future.

Will you help improve the World using Sustainable and Profitable Housing and Construction Technologies?

COVID and the war in Ukraine have severely damaged construction supply chains, causing supply to become scarce and prices to skyrocket.

At Sustainable Construction, we offer you Patented, Proven, and Energy-Efficient Innovative Construction Technologies at Low Costs, resulting in quick and significant returns.

1. ISB-: Excellent EARTHQUAKE-, FLOOD- and FIRE RESISTANT HOUSES at low cost in less than 15 days; you only need concrete, steel, and made-to-measure ISB elements.

2. REVOLTHERM ULTRATHIN INSULATION: 90% heat reflection, 34% energy saving, excellent for both external and internal insulation and sound insulation, and solves the problems of thermal bridges, condensation, and mold.

3. INSULATION and PAINTING ROBOT: millimeter precision up to 20 or 28 m height: fast, efficient, economical, and safe.

4. BLOCKWOOD HEAT-TREATED WOOD: more practical, durable, lighter and stronger, better load-bearing wood, more resistant to water, fungi, and harmful insects. Aesthetic and unique, it can be used even in bathrooms and as Structural Wood, a construction aid material.



7. SUSTAINABLE LUXURY: Real estate projects implemented using the above technologies with a quick deadline and an expected high return.


What is the easiest way to get the most benefits with the help of the SUSTAINABLE CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGIES project?

1. PARTICIPATE in our "SUSTAINABLE LUXURY" project, which we build using Modern Construction Technologies!

2. Then, as a co-owner, STUDY the practical steps of the actual construction process and the architectural and financial results!

3. USE our ISB, Revoltherm, and Blokkwood technologies in your constructions!

4. If you are satisfied with the result, RECOMMEND our Sustainable Construction Technologies for a 3% continuous referral commission and DISTRIBUTE them for a significant profit!

5. PARTNER WITH Sustainable Housing! The minimum investment is USD 5,000.



1. ISB BUILDING SYSTEM: Build excellent EARTHQUAKE (8.0)-, FLOOD- and FIRE RESISTANT HOUSES at low cost in less than 15 days.

For houses that can be structurally completed in a few days, you only need concrete, steel, and made-to-measure ISB elements. No plastering is required.

References: Germany, Hungary, Iran, Algeria, Ghana,  Togo,  More than 100,000 m2 already built, including office buildings, a clinic, luxury family houses, etc.

2. INSULATE your buildings with the 85-92% heat-reflective 1.3 mm thick REVOLTHERM vacuum ceramic INSULATION: on average, 34% energy savings, and due to the progressive billing of gas and electricity, you can achieve even higher cost savings on the heating bill.

It can be used for external and internal insulation; there are no thermal bridges, condensation, mold, or fungus.

It is also excellent for insulating monuments and residential buildings.

Its soundproofing property is also very substantial and essential.

References: Eiffel Palace (PWC office), Balatonfüred Heart Hospital, Sárvár Termálfürdő, Nagyatád District Court, residential containers of the Hungarian Defense Forces, complete external insulation of hundreds of residential buildings, insulation of flat roofs, cargo spaces of trucks and ships, etc.

3. INSULATING and PAINTING ROBOT: Insulates effectively, quickly, economically, and safely up to a height of 28 meters with millimeter precision.

4. BLOCKWOOD HEAT-TREATED WOOD: As a result of our patented heat-treatment process, the wood will be more helpful, more durable, lighter and stronger, better load-bearing, more resistant to water, fungi and harmful insects (worms, termites, etc.).

As a result of the heat treatment, the wood's natural grain stands out more prominently.

Depending on the duration of the heat treatment, previously uncommon or new color tones can be created.

The emphatically outlined shapes of the grain and the new color tones together result in an eye-catching surface.

Uniquely aesthetic and incomparably practical, it can also be used as an exclusive building material and structural wood used in construction.

5. "SUSTAINABLE LUXURY": Construction and sale of properties that promise a high return, can be implemented quickly, are ecologically sustainable, and simultaneously have a luxury standard

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