6,500+ Cycles @80% Capacity: EVs, Buildings, Power Plants

SUSTAINABLE ENERGY STORAGE: Utmost Efficiency in Charging and Storing Electricity.



We could use EVs better if they had a LONGER RANGE.

Lithium-Ion batteries have a VERY HIGH CARBON FOOTPRINT & RELATIVELY SHORT LIFE, so they have a very high relative carbon footprint per year of usage. 

Usual Lithium-Ion batteries are WELDED, so they CANNOT BE EFFICIENTLY RECYCLED as many cells could have still been used when the whole battery is already insufficient and gets recycled.


"GREEN CONCEPT AWARD"-WINNING German E-STREAM BATTERIES can be used in Aviation, Automotive, industrial, Home, and Portable applications and are:

ULTRA STRONG & DURABLE: even after 6,500+ ultraquick discharges, they still work at 80%+ capacity (confirmed and certified by accredited institutes),

- going FASTER & FURTHER, providing up to 100% more energy than other batteries, ultra-fast charging: from 20% to 80% of maximum charge in 15 minutes

RENEWABLE: since they are NOT WELDED, worn-out E-Stream cells can be replaced easily, renewing the battery, 

RECYCLABLE EFFICIENTLY: only the "dead" cells are recycled; the usable ones will be efficiently used in non-EV devices until dead, decreasing their relative carbon footprint,

REUSABLE: E-Stream batteries that can no longer be used in EVs can be used in households & offices for decades more, further decreasing their relative carbon footprint enormously,


- EXTREMELY VERSATILE, USABLE in Aviation, Automotive, Motorcycle/bicycle, Shipbuilding, House applications, Mobile, and Stationary solutions.


E-Stream received a 170 million Euro Evaluation and an International Securities Identification Number (ISIN Number: NL00150018C3).

E-Stream supplied the batteries for a Pan-German Hydrogen Car Project, celebrated a 50 million Euro deal in Croatia, and has been cooperating with BMW and Miskolc University.

E-Stream batteries can be MANUFACTURED ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY, QUICKLY, and EASILY, using only a screwdriver for both EVs and static use. (See the videos.)

We are looking for

- BUYERS of batteries of a minimum of 50 kW

INVESTORS in the company, the minimum investment is 5,000 Euro.


E-stream technology is pointing the way to the future. A future that has already begun.

Think Green. Act Green.

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Cooperating with E-Stream, you will most likely gain substantial material rewards and, more importantly, help make the World a better place for our children and grandchildren.