Anti-inflammation, Painkilling & Immune Boosting @Home!

We provide safe, strong, and very efficient MEDICAL LASERS at very affordable prices. Our Safe Lasers® can be easily and safely used WITHOUT DANGER TO THE EYES, so they can be used not only in HOSPITALS and CLINICS but also at HOME. CE CERTIFIED MEDICAL DEVICE.

GENERAL INFO: There are three major fields of utilization of the soft (cold) laser effect: 1. Painkilling, 2. Anti-phlogistic / Anti-Inflammatory and 3. Bio-stimulation effect, which strengthens the immune system and the self-healing ability of the body. It can be safely used for treating children (pediatry) and animals (veterinary) as well.

Safe Lasers® accelerate the healing of colds, flu, relieve symptoms of inflammation, allergy, asthma, hay fever, treat bruises, ear complaints, oral, nasal, vascular, musculoskeletal, neurological, skin & eye (!) diseases, sports injuries, etc.

Safe Lasers® are simple and easy to use, only requiring you to put it on your skin above the pain-riddled or inflamed area for a couple of minutes, according to the medical protocol. For ear, eye, nasal and oral cavity health problems, the use of the specific heads is required.


1. They can provide patients an astonishingly broad range of treatments with Safe Lasers® (see below).

2. In many cases the official medical treatment protocols require DAILY treatments for 60-90 days and many treated patients experience that Safe Lasers® are very effective and easy to use, so after a certain number of treatments many patients wish to purchase Safe Lasers® from their Doctor or Healthcare Professional, a perfect win-win situation: Doctors and Healthcare Professionals can make substantial margins selling Safe Laser® devices and can use their time for treating new patients (generating further sales), while patients purchasing Safe Lasers® can save money and time, also can use the lasers for other problematic body parts and/or for other family members. 

SCIENTIFIC BACKGROUND, PATENTSThe co-owner of Safe Laser®, DR. Károly Rózsa (DSc) deals with laser research and development since 1963. He owns a number of patents on gas laser constructs. He performed the first successful polar light healing treatment, which led to the subsequent patent of medical and cosmetic lamps radiating polarized light.

In 2012 a new chapter was opened in the history of lasers with our "Safe Laser Light" technology. In 2014 our patented Safe Laser® optical arrangement allowed that high power (30 mW - 500 mW) medical lasers can be safely used without danger to eyes (according to IEC 60825-1:2014). 

This new technology significantly expanded the range of laser users: doctors and patients can use Safe Laser® without having to use uncomfortable protector glasses and patients can bring the healing power of strong 500 mW medical lasers to the comfort of their homes.

CERTIFICATES: Safe Lasers® are made in the EU and have CE certificates as Class II.a Medical Devices. (ISO 13485)

Prior to and during therapy, depending on the nature and severity of the disease, it is essential to consult a competent specialist in a polyclinic, clinic, or hospital.


  • University of Veterinary Medicine – Vienna, Austria
  • Semmelweis University, Optometric Clinic
  • Semmelweis University, Dentistry, Paradontology Clinic
  • State Medical Centre - Central Hospital of the Hungarian Homeland Defense Forces - Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation
  • National Rheumatology and Physiotherapy Institute (ORFI) – Radiology
  • Central Medical Unit of the Hungarian Police
  • Sándor Péterffy Hospital and Casualty Centre – Casualty rehabilitation
  • Bethesda Children's Hospital – Rehabilitation Unit
  • Children's Hospital of Buda Rehabilitation Unit
  • Saint John Hospital – Traumatology Unit
  • Uzsoki Hospital - Central Intensive Unit
  • Jávorszky Ödön Hospital Vác – Ear- Nose- Throat Unit
  • Hospitaller Order’s Hospital – Budai Orthopedic Unit
  • GMC International Medical Training Centreetc.

The diseases (indications) witch can be treated with Safe Laser® devices:

Immune System & diseases that can be treated with nostril light (laser beam directed to the nostrils)

  • accelerates the healing: colds, flu, relieve symptoms of nasal inflammation
  • relieve symptoms of allergy, asthma, hay fever

Skin diseases:

  • chronic inflammation, herpes simplex, herpes zooster,
  • ulcus cruris, non-healing ulcers, multiform exudative erythema, hypertrophic scars, alopecia areata

Oral cavity diseases:

  • aphta, herpes, chronic inflammation, trigeminus neuralgia, posttraumatic pain, postoperative pain, parodontosis, parodontitis, gingivitis, temporo-mandibular joint lesions, asyalia

Oto-rhino-laryngologic diseases:

  • chronic rhinitis, allergic chronic rhinitis, pharyngitis


  • ophthalmic herpes zooster

Vascular diseases:

  • obliterative vascular diseases, post-thrombotic syndrome, ulcer developed  on the ground of varicosity and vasculitis, sicca pre-gangrenous condition, decubitus

Musculoskeletal symptoms, rheumatology, sports injuries:

  • small joint, muscle and tendon injuries, inflammation, strain, sprain, contusion, abrasion, bruise
  • rheumatoid arthritis, arthropathy, arthrosis, other motility organ lesions


  • pain syndromes, degenerative spinal pain, radiculopathies, rehabilitation of those with locomotor disorders, lesions associated with hypertonicity, childhood motility disorders, contractions, Little disease, conditions following brain vascular events (paresis, motility disturbances, flexural contractions) inactivity muscular hypotrophy, atrophy, solution of forced

Ear Complaints:

  • inflammation, pain, tinnitus, ear itching

Laser acupuncture:

  • according to professional indication

Ongoing researches: 

  • hearing loss
  • tinnitus
  • reducing the time for orthodontics
  • corneal ulcer
  • special optical arrangement for an eye safe 2000mW infrared laser

Future research areas (already with case studies):

  • stroke rehabilitation
  • diabetes treatment
  • Alzheimer's prevention and treatment
  • myocardial infarction rehabilitation
  • macular degeneration (AMD)
  • glaucoma
  • amblyopia
  • old-age farsightedness


Safe Laser SL150

Safe Laser SL500

Fiber Optic Attachment for SL150 

Nose Treatment Adapter for SL150 

Eye Treatment Adapter for SL150

Cosmetic Adapter for SL150 

Fiber Optic Attachment for SL500 

Nose Treatment Adapter for SL500 


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