Selection of All-Natural Hi-Tech Food Supplements

Splendor has a portfolio of 160+ products and 28 years of experience in developing, manufacturing, and commercializing food supplements. We have been cooperating with Capsugel (a 6 billion USD Lonza company) in order to use the most advanced technologies in the dietary supplement industry for nourishing human cells.

In each of our products each and every substance is naturally occurring, some materials are naturally extracted, some others such as vitamin C, beta carotene and amino acids, etc. are produced in "nature-identical" molecules, in the same form as they appear naturally.

We started the construction of our new factory that is scheduled to be functional by Q4'18.  We are rebranding the following of our most successful products for international distribution:

  1. 22 Vitals Compex Nutritional Supplement ​for Dogs
    Each three of our three lead scientists have almost five decades of individual experience in the animal food industry, using the most advanced technologies in nourishing animals at cellular levels and each three of them are passionate dog owners, so you can be assured that 22 Vitals contains all the necessary elements for a Healthy Dog!
  2. 33 Vitals Compex Nutritional Supplement 
    Our most successful human food supplement product contains all the essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, omega-three fatty acids, and other bioactive materials needed for the proper functioning of each and every cell of the human body. Taking 33Vitals enhances the positive effects of the other food supplements of our portfolio (see below). For further details on 33Vitals please click here or watch our video.
  3. Cardiovascular System Strengthener - (K2)
    It dissolves calcium-containing fatty substances stuck to the vascular wall and restores calcium back to the bones. By clearing the vascular walls, the walls of the vessels become resilient, their lumen diameter reverts to anatomical levels, thus ensuring free flow of blood to prevent blood clots.
  4. Memory Invigorator
    Spiritual freshness improved cognitive functions. It provides a more vibrant metabolism of brain cells by improving energy transformation. A solution to dementia.
  5. Potency Booster
    It is a natural, non-enforced urge for a sexual act that can produce rich blood vessels in the genitalia by the ingredients. Improved concentration ability and blood flow. It's a real, guaranteed, and non-hormonal solution.
  6. SkinWrap - Skin Protection
    It provides a sterile environment and oxygen supply to heal skin wounds: burning, bruising, stinging, and biting skin injuries are healing quickly, almost scarless, without pain.
  7. Anti-Bloating
    The nutrient degradation of the stomach is improved, the absorption is good in the intestine, there is no fermentation. The functioning of degradation and digestive enzymes is ideal, there is no fermentation in the intestines. It's the perfect solution for abdominal cramps.
  8. Liver - Function invigorator - (Milk thistle)
    It strengthens the body's "laboratory", the liver, and its build-up, detoxifying functions. The liver is provided with essential methyl groups, which are necessary for building and degrading functions. A unique product in the dietary supplement market.
  9. Digestion Enhancing Probiotics
    It removes abnormal accumulated pathogenic microbes from the intestines, creating a balance in the bacterial flora of the intestines. The acid-base reaction of the digestive tract is normalized and buffered by the production of organic acid. A unique composition of probiotics.
  10. Bone Strength Restorative - Algae (CL)
    It normalizes thereby strengthens and firms the structure of the bones. Calcium from algae, phosphorus, and vitamin D-containing collagen provides continuous maintenance and renewal of the bone cell matrix. A unique product in the dietary supplement market.
  11. Kidney Function Tonic
    By purifying the wall of vesicular tubules, the diuretic effect of the plant extracts is complete. The good functioning of the kidneys is determined by the semi-permeable ability of the kidney walls. Unique composition.
  12. Cholesterol Control – (Black Garlic)
    Cholesterol solution-washing effect. The "good" cholesterol level remains intact. It is the product of the future.
  13. Vision Support - (Lutein)
    It ensures the integrity of the optic nerve's membrane and provides good vision, preventing the formation of cataracts. Protecting the nerve membrane of the eye, the eyepieces from oxidative effects containing strong antioxidant components. 
  14. Hair and Nail - Optimum Strength
    Strengthens and nourishes hair, skin, and horn formulas. It supplies the ever-growing tissues with nutrients and coats their surface with a protective layer.
  15. Image - Telomeres (Astragalus root)
    Smooth skin, stronger arm and leg muscles, not typical for age. The sporulation rate of cells increases, their life span is also increased. A source for improving quality of life.
  16. Constipation Relief
    By stimulating the gastrointestinal tract, the nutrient passing through the digestive tract is loosened. The ingredients create a slick surface on the surface of the stomach and intestinal walls. The most effective prevention of constipation.

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