SkinWrap: All Natural Skin Cell Renew

SkinWrap - Skin Cell Renew is used for low-degree burns, skin injuries caused by hot water and objects, sunshine or UV light and insect-bites. It soothes the skin, mitigates inflammation and promotes the healing process, providing a complex nutrient supply for the damaged skin at the cellular level. SkinWrap contains only natural substances!

Effects of the ingredients of SkinWrap:

  • Skincare and skin conditioning effect,
  • Forms a protective wax coating on the injured surface and prevents potential superinfection,
  • Stimulates the regeneration of cells,
  • Mitigates inflammation,
  • Assists the regeneration of tissues,
  • Antioxidant effect,
  • Antiseptic and painkiller effect

Active ingredients and auxiliary substances in SkinWrap:

Beeswax, grape seed oil, oil of Serpolet, wheat germ oil, pot marigold oil, sea-buckthorns oil, chlorophyll extract of algae Chlorella, purified water

Made in the EU.

Volume 30 ml.

License Marketing is the Exclusive Worldwide Distributor of SkinWrap. For more information please contact us here.