Senso: Digital Transformation of 21st-Century Businesses

Senso Media offers you solutions for every Automatized Self-Service and Digital Signage segment of contemporary businesses:

"PromoFridge": a latest-generation special COMMERCIAL COOLER in which the products are visible through a transparent door that can play commercials, using the Highest Quality LG Transparent Screen launched during CES 2021: CNN link. Revenue can be generated by promoting products placed in the fridge or in the shop, also promoting any products that can be bought through our APP, or receiving revenue for ads placed by agencies.

"SmartShop": the Revolution of Retailing, the most economic and time-saving way of shopping: a container that is a FULLY AUTOMATED SHOP PLACED ANYWHERE, both the loading & the sale of the items are made by a robotic system


Automated Entrance Gates, Ticket Selling Info-Kiosks, Fanbase & Mid-game Affiliation Apps for SPORTS CLUBS & STADIUMS


Digital Playground for KIDS

- "PromoTV": as a great number of Promo Screens will be used soon, we aim to cooperate with the biggest AD AGENCIES & ADVERTISERS

Our solutions were developed by our own SW & HW departments to answer the specific needs of our partners: Burger King, Spar, Budapest Airport, etc.

Senso Media's Personalized Communication & Sales Channels boost Your Company's revenue and profitability, decrease expenses, widen your customer base, increase customer satisfaction & affiliation, also generate continuous extra income.

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