Proven Profitable Products and Technolgies for Retailers

We offer Proven Cost Cutting and Revenue Generating Products, Projects, and Technologies for RETAILERS.

We pay significant continuous REFERRAL FEES for Companies and Individuals, introducing our Projects and Solutions to Retailers.

Each project references major brands: Amazon, Tesco, Kaufland, Lidl, Auchan, etc.

FUTURE'S PLAYGROUND: The World's first digital playground, activating and "setting in motion" children, improving their physical and mental capacities.

NO-EMPLOYEE PETROL STATIONS: automated payment via our 6-payment method ALL-PAY TOWER or INAPP PAYMENT w. License-Plate Reading Cameras. 

BABY UNIC: a 15-in-1 Modular Furniture and skill Enhancing Toy that can be restructured easily and quickly from one piece of furniture or toy to another.

SAFE DOC-COMPARE: An Automated Document Comparison System for Pre- and Post-signature Versions, far more accurate, economical, and faster than human labor. The data is not posted online, so it is entirely secure!