Proven Profit-Generating Projects for Retailers

We offer significant Margins & Commissions for Companies & Individuals for introducing the below, PROVEN PROFIT GENERATING PROJECTS for RETAILERS.


Each of the projects has the reference of major brands: Amazon, Tesco, Lidl, Auchan, etc.

- PROMO COOLER, a fridge with a transparent TV as a door, playing commercials & generating continuous revenue by VIDEO ADVERTISING in the FOOD SECTION of stores.

- CUSTOM-TAILORED SPORTS PROMOTIONS FIFA'22: we create the perfect promotion for your company, customers can win prizes and discounts betting on games of FIFA '22 chosen for the promotion. (Spanish State Lottery)

- "MILLION-EURO" KITCHENWARE LOYALTY PROGRAMS (Amazon, Lidl, Auchan). 1.600 SKUs in 23 breathtaking designs, including the ETERNAL COLLECTION: Eternal Usage, Non-stick, No-burn, Quickest Food Preparation, Lowest Energy Consumption.

- ETERNAL ONE, currently the best Frying Pan in the world, please watch:

- YOUR OWN KITCHENWARE BRAND: with more than 70 million USD sales per year, we offer you to manufacture your own kitchenware brand for your company. 

- QUICK PICK SMART SHOP: Cashier-less Smart Stores, "Just-Walk-Out” Contactless Payment. (Lidl, Kaufland, Auchan)

- QUICK PICK CONTAINER SHOP saves 100% on labor, can be delivered in five weeks!

- NO-EMPLOYEE PETROL STATIONS: automated payment via our 6-payment method ALL-PAY TOWER or INAPP PAYMENT w. License-Plate Reading Cameras. 

- SMART LOGISTICS helps companies with big warehouses from package registration to dispatch.

- INTERACTIVE GAME WALL SW: measurable brand engagement campaigns, immediate sales. (Coca-Cola)

- Engage & activate your audience via PUSHWIZE immediate Push Notifications! (Borussia Dortmund)

- SAFE DOC-COMPARE: An Automated Document Comparison System for Pre- & Post-Signature Versions, far more accurate, economic and faster than human labor. The data is not posted on the internet, so it is completely secure! 

- FUTURE'S PLAYGROUND: The World's first digital playground, activating and “setting in motion” children, improving their physical and mental capacities as well.

- BABY UNIC: a 15-in-1 Modular Furniture & Skill Enhancing Toy, that can be restructured from one piece of furniture or toy to another very easily and quickly.