700% Energy Gain Recycle of PLASTIC & ORGANIC, Zero CO2!

There is a worldwide energy shortage and climate crisis, and we are also drowning in plastic waste!

Microplastic is life-threatening and is already found in the blood of 77% of people according to the study of the Vrije University of Amsterdam.

With our Recycled Plastic technology, we can produce oil and gas from any kind of plastic waste, with amazingly low operating costs, zero carbon dioxide emissions, 700% energy efficiency, and a return of approximately 500% by the end of the second year.

These figures are supported by the tests of TÜV and other labs, as well as the data of two operating machines.

Our patented flash pyrolysis machines are made in German-Austrian-Hungarian cooperation.

We can also produce oil and natural gas by processing any organic waste, sewage, and tires.

Both Bálint Analitika and Western University in Canada examined the oil and gas we produce and characterized both as high-quality, with significant heating value.

Our energy efficiency is so high that we can economically solve the distillation of seawater, producing valuable drinking water. 

We can also solve the rapid purification of wastewater

We successfully compete with similar technologies in all respects, and we are even better than them in the most important aspects, so we have a real chance of becoming the market leader.

Using our patented technology each elementary particle of the mixed plastic waste receives the necessary amount of heat to turn from a solid fraction into hydrocarbon gas and steam, and then the steam is cooled into oil and coal powder, so we carry out 100% recycling.

We are more efficient than the oil industry: we don't have to drill and transport the oil far away, and within an hour the oil is sure to flow anywhere in the world where we operate our machines.

We appeared at the world's largest trade fair for waste management (IFAT) and received very positive feedback.

We almost made it to the top 3 in Shell's "Decarbonising Cities" competition and were invited to the EU innovation conference.

We already have letters of intent for the free transfer of waste enough to operate 13 machines.

In addition to outstanding profitability, high security, scalability, and geographical location-independent operation, we can ease vital problems of humanity in many areas, and because of all this, our liquidity is high, and it will be easy to sell our shares.

We currently have a machine at our disposal, we are looking for partners to purchase the necessary additional equipment.

Partner with us! For more information, please call +36 70 413-6888 or send an email to [email protected]

Our partnership will likely result in enormous financial benefits and, more importantly, you will be proud to have done a lot for the health and well-being of present and future generations!

The most important feature of RP-300 is ZERO Carbon-dioxide Emission.

RP-300 performs complete depolymerization in a closed system and emits neither carbon dioxide nor any other harmful substances.

Furthermore, RP-300 is 100% efficient in terms of end results, meaning that no waste is produced.

The most important marketable result of RP-300 is RECYCLED ENERGY: 70% high-quality diesel oil and 20-25% combustible gas.

The remaining 5-10% is high-quality coking coal, that can be used as a second revenue source, as it can be sold for steel production.

RP-300’s energy efficiency is very high, its energy output is around 700%: we got 700% more energy using RP-300 than we need for the usage.

Counting 8.640 hours of running time per year, we can generate 8.640 MWh of Energy and around 1.000 MWh of heat, using around 1.382 MWh, so we produce around 700% of the Energy that we used for depolymerization.

The heat generated can be used for heating or cooling, depending on the season.

RP-300 can convert any type of organic waste as well, so on one hand plastic does not have to be cleaned before recycling, on the other hand, we can use it to recycle the waste of sawmills, farms, plantations, and even SEWAGE.

The fuel produced was tested in an independent laboratory on a Cummins generator, one of the most widespread power generators in the world, and the fuel produced by RP-300 was tested to be of very good quality.

With just one patented RP-300 machine we can recycle 300 kg of plastic, petrochemical, or natural waste per hour. 

The amount of recycled plastic depends only on the number of RP-300 machines used.

The manufacturing of an RP-300 machine currently takes a couple of months and is done by sub-contractors, but we already planned a factory, where we can manufacture big quantities of RP-300 machines.

Currently, we plan the following three main uses of our Thermal Decomposition System:

1.     On-shore plants for the continents: Plastic-Free EARTH

2.     Off-shore usage on boats: Plastic-Free OCEAN

3.     Car and Truck Tyre Recycling: reTYRE

1. Our onshore solution: Plastic-Free EARTH

Besides selling the fuel and the gas produced, the third type of revenue is the price of “handling” plastic waste.

Plastic waste is taken over by specialized companies for significant sums and then treated in a polluting and much less economical way, or simply transported to a third world country and dumped there, or into the ocean.

We have already done some basic market research and found that in Germany we can generate almost as much extra profit by handling waste, as we can by producing fuel and selling coal dust resulting from recycling.

As per our calculations, RP-300 CAN GENERATE around 500% RETURNS by the end of the second year, in some countries, even more, depending on the handling fees of waste.

As for its REAL VALUE, RP-300 is PRICELESS (Copyright MasterCard), because of the future of our children.

2. Our Off-shore solution: Plastic-Free OCEAN

We are getting in contact with the biggest oil production and sea freight forwarding companies to find the best solution for processing plastic waste floating in the ocean, also for the sales and transportation of the fuel and possibly drinking water produced.       

3. Car and Truck Tyre decomposition: reTYRE

When processing USED TIRES, in addition to 36% of diesel and 16% of gas, we get approximately 10-12% of very valuable steel and 36% of also very valuable coal powder.

BECOME A PARTNER in our new ventures “Plastic Free Earth” and “reTYRE”, and  SUPPORT our Plastic-Free Ocean initiative in the framework of your CSR, SRI, and/or ESG activities, you may contact us at +44 20 8144-3799 or [email protected].

Partnering with us most likely will tremendously benefit you financially, more importantly, you will do a lot for the health of present and future generations!