Promo Cooler with Novelty Transparent LG TV for Shops

The latest generation of coolers, Promo Cooler is a special cooler with a door that can also play commercials, while the products in the cooler are somewhat visible thanks to the transparent screen/door. The door becomes even more transparent by the built-in sensors when someone moves close to Promo Cooler.

Promo Cooler is best suited for retail outlets as a new type of digital shelf end, it is suited with Highest Quality LG Transparent Screens, that were launched in January 2021 in Las Vegas, during CES 2021 (Consumer Electronics Show), the Most Influential Tech Event in the World: 


Using Promo Cooler shops can generate revenues by promoting products in the fridge, in the shop, promoting any products that the viewers can buy using our application, or receiving advertising revenue for ads placed by agencies.

We offer advertising currently on hundreds of Promo Screens and LG Promo Cooler devices and soon we expect to have tens of thousands of PromoScreens worldwide, for more details please contact us by clicking here.