Antibacterial SkinCare for Athletes, Diabetics & Elderly

Three All-Natural Antibacterial Skincare Products for the Health and Hygiene of our Skin and the Skin of our Pets and Horses.

pH Levels are the Key

Over years of research we discovered why most moisturizers and lip glosses wet skin temporarily but then need to be reapplied because they don’t effectively treat drying-skin conditions. Very simply, if the pH level of the skin is unbalanced they do nothing to re-balance it. The other products alkaline treatments sound correct but are actually not according to our research.  With our new line of products our company will prove it.

Skin has what is known as the acid mantle. Normally, skin has an acidic pH level.  Regular moisturizers have a pH level that is neutral or non-acidic which dries and dehydrates the skin over the long term.  This can cause a skin condition to worsen, not get better. This is where our pH balancing products are different. They actually adjust the pH levels of the skin to become acidic again.

- AB Protector Wipes restore and maintain the pH Level of the acid mantle of our skin.

We are introducing the ultimate skin protection:the antibacterial moisturizer and cleaner wipes called AB Protector that adjust the pH levels of the skin. 

A healthy skin is the single most important protector against bacterial infections.

Some people have low grade skin fungal infections causing rashes and others have dry skin that needs a moisturizer. AB Protector Wipes can also be used for acne caused by athlete’s equipment, rashes from compression stockings and socks, bug bites and jellyfish stings as well as age spots, too. 

Paws and Fur does the same for animals.

Currently we are extremely proud of our pet animal wipe called Paws & Fur® for dogs, cats and horses. The anti-fungal properties restore the skin and fur damaged by today’s harsh environment of synthetic materials and chemicals. Its bitter apple scent also deters animals from worsening their own condition by licking the affected areas. Paws & Fur® pet wipes are saving thousands of dollars in veterinary bills and prescription medications monthly.

- Diabetes Care helps in the prevention and/or the healing of ulcers and wounds.