Nano95 Liquid Mobile Screen Protector

Surely you want both you and your family to be healthy and long-lived. 

Unfortunately the whole world is going through extremely difficult times. Humanity is seriously threatened. Health isn’t something to play games with. We need to stay protected and protect our families and loved ones as well. The lack of proper hygiene may let invisible enemies enter into your body. Let’s check your daily routine: what do you hold close to your mouth the most?

Yes, you just nailed it! The biggest threat how invisible enemies may enter your body is your mobile phone!

Did you know that EVERYTHING YOU TOUCH, ENDS UP ON YOUR PHONE, and that your phone is 10 times dirtier than a public toilet seat!? We are all occasionally guilty of toilet texting, or touching the recipe on the tablet during cooking. All that contamination ends up on our tech. It has been scientifically proven that an organism weakened by a virus is much easier to fall victim to dangerous bacterial infections.

From now on you shouldn't worry about all this. 

Introducing the upgraded Nano95 Liquid Screen Protector:

The previous versions of Nano95 have had millions of satisfied customers. 

Nano95 can be applied easily and quickly in 3-4 minutes. Look how easy it is! 

Nano95 will form a scratch and drop resistant protective layer that greatly reduces the adhesion and growth of microorganisms on the treated glass surface, so it significantly decreases the risk of bacterial infections.