Construct Cheaper & Quicker! Earthquake & Fireproof

Build excellent earthquake and fireproof houses much cheaper and quicker!  

You only need steel, concrete, and ISB!

The earthquake-resistant and fireproof structure of a house can be built in 10 days and finished in only two months as no plaster is needed.

Great thermal and sound insulation but ventilate air naturally

ISB-PHC is a fire-resistant, lightweight foamed concrete construction material weighing only 120 to 350 kg/m3, with the same parameters as the internationally known Ytong building blocks, but with better vapor permeability, thermal, and sound insulation properties

Buy the know-how and a factory to manufacture the walls and roof for a two-story house EVERY DAY, 365 houses a year! 

Your costs will only be around US$ 260/m2, US$ 26/Squarefoot to manufacture the earthquake and fireproof walls and roof of a house.


The ISB Building System® is the result of many years of research and development, which implements simple, fast, economical, and modern construction in accordance with the new market needs and trends.

ISB is introducing a PHC (Perlite) based solution to lower construction costs significantly, while non-compromise on durability and quality, ISB`s lightweight foamed concrete with which a building material weighing 120 to 350 kg/m3 can be manufactured.

It has the same parameters as the internationally renowned Ytong building elements but has better thermal and sound insulation, flame retardant, and vapor permeability properties.

It is mainly a building material suitable for exterior and interior thermal insulation of wall structures, but it is also convenient for making the exterior and interior crust of the
60 x 40 x 22cm wall and ceiling elements of the ISB Building System® and 60 x 40 x 6cm thick partition wall elements, thus forming a complex construction system unique in the world.

This complete construction system technology constitutes an alternative construction system to monolithic reinforced concrete structures.

We are looking for partners to implement the new technology and/or build a factory for the PHC technology in their region.

Investors are also welcome.

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