Distribution of Brazilian Organic Food with 4 Store Concepts

Distribution of Brazilian organic food with 4 Store Concepts + express home delivery.

InterNutri distributes around 250 Brazilian organic and natural food products of the "InterNutri" brand and more than 1.000 Brazilian organic and natural food products of other brands in e-commerce.

InterNutri also has a physical store concept of four different stores that can be combined with one another:

  1. Ice Nutri Without Fat Frozen Fruit Yoghurt Booth
  2. InterNutri Healthy Organic Cafeteria
  3. InterNutri Healthy Organic Fast Food Restaurant
  4. InterNutri Healthy Organic Food Store

License Marketing is the Worldwide Business Development partner of InterNutri, bringing InterNutri's physical store concept franchise and e-commerce model to different markets around the world.

If you are interested becoming a regional distributor of InterNutri, please contact us clicking here.