Brand Engagement & Product Sales: Coca-Cola / Fanta

Using our „Interactive GameWall” digital promotion software, you can open a new revenue stream by selling measurable brand engagement campaigns that result in immediate product sales. With GameWall you can organize stunning interactive in-store or outdoor promotions without promoter fees and hostess costs / offer your customers digital coupons in free games, and run ads between games! Advertisers will achieve increased foot traffic, more sales, improved brand awareness and engagement.

Promotions on our Interactive GameWall don't require any workforce. The projected games provide valuable time and a community gaming experience for ALL your customers, not only the playing ones. In our Fanta Promotion, more than 100.000 happy customers used their mobiles to play on our Interactive GameWall.

Coca-Cola was very pleased with the number of interactions and the level of engagement, so they consider our Fanta Promotion as one of their most successful campaigns.

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