Perfect results in DIY performing any screwing tasks

Screwdrivers that don’t hold up, tools that don’t cut it? Inefficient systems that damage screws? Stop the madness!

Use Helping Hand Magnetic Driver from now on, a real revolution in the World of DIY! The secret is the powerful neodymium magnetic rings inside these special flexible and squeezable sleeves.

Place the Magnetic Driver in your screwdriver or power driver bit and be amazed!

Position the screw and stick the Magnetic Driver against the screw’s head. Now start screwing and watch carefully. The screw stays there. Impressive right? That’s the power and efficiency of the Helping Hand Magnetic Driver!

The Magnetic Driver adapts to all kinds of screws, screwdrivers and bits for power drivers. Even in confined or inaccessible spaces. The possibilities are endless!

The Magnetic Driver links instantly! Equip your screws or power bits with the Magnetic Driver from now on! The Magnetic Driver will lend a hand! It`s always the right tool.

The high powered Neodymium magnet will always be on your side!

Placing a nail is extremely dangerous! Holding it in your hand is not safe! Here is a solution: the Helping Hand Nail Holder.

Just combine its special hardened steel tip with your Magnetic Driver and you’ll no longer be at risk! Place the nail on the tip of the bit and slide your Magnetic Driver until it touches the nail! That’s it! The nail is firm and stable!

Uncomfortable or inaccessible spaces? Look at the Snaker! Combined with Magnetic Driver it can prevent the fall and loss of screws, making the job easier and safer, even in inaccessible places.

From the Workshop to the Home, the Helping Hand Magnetic Driver is simply great! With the Helping Hand Magnetic Driver system screwdriving has never been so easy!

This set of ten pieces includes different types of MAGNET DRIVER®, plus the Nail Holder and the Snake Extender so you can achieve the perfect results when performing any screwing task. More than 3 Million pieces of Magnet Drivers were sold already! 

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