Eternal One Frying Pan - Yours Forever!

You finally found the frying pan of your dreams!

No more burnt or unevenly fried foods, no more scratched pans or difficult cleaning, you don't need any other frying pan ever!

Thanks to our latest technology and innovation, the Eternal One frying pan always performs perfectly, even when stretched to the limits. The brilliant BerlingerHaus Eternal Collection makes cooking and frying as easy as pie. 

It doesn't contain PFOA, lead, or cadmium. Made without PFOA, Eterna┬« is a unique technology in fluoropolymer composites, that has created significant advancements in release properties greater than any individual fluoropolymer. The Eterna family of coatings (Eterna, Eterna for Coil, Eterna Si) are patented nonstick products that provide outstanding long-term nonstick properties for housewares products.

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