The Earliest Detection of Stroke, Non-invasive, Life Saving!

Before introducing DIASTROKE®, it did not exist an early, reliable and stroke-specific test, therefore, it was very difficult for physicians to diagnose stroke without invasive treatment. Our patented DIASTROKE® blood test is still without any alternative method, so DIAGENICS is the sole pioneer both in the non-invasive and the early diagnosis of cerebrovascular disease. 

Cerebrovascular disease is the third most common cause of death worldwide. According to official WHO data, around six million people die from it every year.

However, before Diagenics SE developed a method to measure a new biomarker for stroke (Glycogen Phosphorylase isoenzyme BB - GPBB), there was no such thing as an early biomarker that could reliably diagnose a stroke.

This GPBB enzyme is specific for heart and brain tissue, and in case of an ischemia it is immediately released into the blood stream - much earlier than any necrosis marker. Diagenics SE conducted a study and owns the proprietary antibodies to this enzyme and has already developed three products for the early diagnosis of stroke:

1. DIASTROKE® POCT (Point Of Care Test) [DS - P3] is a diagnostic device for the specific and early diagnosis of a stroke by the qualitative detection of GPBB in human blood or plasma. It provides reliable results within 15 minutes after symptom onset.

2. DIASTROKE® READER: After having performed a Diastroke POCT, the respective test stripe is inserted into Diastroke Reader [DX - R1], an optical reader that analyzes the POCT within 1 minute regarding test and control line. The intensity of the test line is measured and translated into the GPBB concentration of the analyzed sample. The results are displayed, documented and stored.

3. DIASTROKE® ELISA (Enzyme Linked Immuno Sorbent Assay) [DS-E2] is a quantitative diagnostic device for the specific and early detection of a stroke.

All our three DIASTROKE® products are manufactured in the EU and have been CE registered by the above mentioned study. Further studies will increase our knowledge related to the diagnosis of stroke.

For further information please study our below attached DIASTROKE® Product Information Sheet and Diagenics Company Brochure or contact us by clicking here.