Earliest Detection: Infarct, Stroke & Preeclampsia

Life Saving Technologies: the Earliest Detection of Heart Attack, Stroke & Preeclampsia. Diagenics has very Strong IP and is preparing an IPO with KPMG. Approvals and distribution deals with local distributors are being prepared. LOOKING FOR DISTRIBUTORS & PRE-IPO PARTNERS WORLDWIDE. CE certified.

License Marketing has been working on the international expansion of DIAGENICS, a 165 Million Euro Capital Luxembourg & Germany based BioPharmaceutical company with breakthrough patented products enabling the earliest detection of Heart Attack, Stroke and Preeclampsia.

The Earliest Detection of HEART-ATTACK: DIACORDON®

While other products detect heart attack TOO LATE, when irreversible damage already occurred, DIACORDON® alerts much earlier, several HOURS BEFORE irreversible damage would occur, enabling earlier treatment. We can even get semi-quantitative results, so on the arrival at the hospital, doctors already have the test results as part of the diagnosis, as well as knowledge of the severity of the heart infarction. And all this hours before the current standard biomarker test gives its first result!

For more details on DIACORDON®, please visit: http://www.licensemarketing.com/project/diacordon

The Earliest Detection of STROKE: DIASTROKE®

Before introducing DIASTROKE®, it did not exist an early, reliable and stroke-specific test, therefore, it was very difficult for physicians to diagnose stroke without invasive treatment. The patented DIASTROKE® blood test is still without any alternative method, so DIAGENICS is the sole pioneer both in the non-invasive and the early diagnosis of stroke. 

For more details on DIASTROKE®, please visit: http://www.licensemarketing.com/project/diastroker

The Earliest Detection of PRE-ECLAMPSIA: DIANEONATAL®

DIANEONATAL® is a simple, fast, safe and reliable test for the diagnosis and monitoring of pre-eclampsia, a very common pregnancy complication that occurs in about 6-8% of all pregnancies worldwide. If not treated properly, it can develop into an eclampsia which can be fatal, therefore it is very important to diagnose a pre-eclampsia as early and reliable as possible, to protect the mother's and her unborn child's life.

For more details on DIANEONATAL®, please visit: http://www.licensemarketing.com/project/dianeonatalr

All our DIAGENICS® products are made in the EU and are CE-Approved.

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