A 6-cm Life Saver: The Earliest Detection of Heart Attack!

Unlike any other test, DIACORDON® is able to indicate Heart Attack very early (starting 30 minutes after chest pain), so in many cases treatment can be started before the onset of irreversible tissue death or unnecessary complex and costly surgeries (catheterisation) can be avoided.

The early indication is crucial for treatment, e.g. in Germany 90,000 patients per year die within the first six hours after onset of chest pain.

Our patented DIACORDON® products are based on the Glycogen Phosphorylase isoenzyme BB (GPBB) marker. In contrast to other currently applied markers, GPBB is able to indicate very early that the patient has an acute myocardial infarction syndrome (ACS).

On that basis the decision for the correct treatment can be made much earlier, in some cases treatment can be started before onset of irreversible tissue death or unnecessary complex treatments (catheterisation) can be avoided.

The DIACORDON® product range consists of the following four products:

1. DIACORDON® POCT (Point-Of-Care-Test) [DC-P3] is a diagnostic device for the specific and early diagnosis of ACS by the detection of GPBB in human blood or plasma, providing reliable results within 15 minutes.

2. DIACORDON® READER  [DX-R1] is a very small, light and flexible device that is easy to operate, an optical reader to document and store the result of the DIACORDON® POCT (Point-of-care-test) and is the ideal solution for an ambulance, doctor’s office or chest pain unit.

After having performed a Diacordon POCT, the respective test stripe is inserted into the device holder of the Diacordon Reader [DX-R1]. The reader analyzes the POCT within one minute regarding test and control line.

The intensity of the test line is semi-quantitatively measured and translated into the GPBB concentration of the analyzed sample. The results are displayed and documented.

3. DIACORDON® plus T [DC-GT] detects GPBB that is released into the blood due to myocardial ischemia and Troponin I (TRP-I) which is released due to cardiac necrosis.  

Utilizing whole blood or plasma, the Diacordon plus T allows a solid answer on a patient‘s state after chest pain onset.

4. DIACORDON® ELISA [DC-E2] is a diagnostic device for the specific and early detection of myocardial infarctions and unstable angina pectoris (ACS).

Diacordon ELISA quantitatively detects the GPBB enzyme which is released into the blood from ischemic cardiac muscle cells. 

DC-E2 is compatible with standard ELISA reader systems.

All our DIACORDON® products are made in the EU and are CE-Approved.

For further information please study our below attached DIACORDON® Product Information Sheet and Diagenics Company Brochure or contact us by clicking here.