Supplying Basic Needs: Water, Food, Energy, Health, Housing

You also want a BRIGHT FUTURE, HEALTH, WEALTH, and HAPPINESS for yourself and your LOVED ONES. First, you need BASIC NEEDS: GOOD QUALITY WATER, FOOD, ENERGYHEALTH, HOUSING, and all this at affordable prices.

We may have all this now, and you could even have more. However, there is a growing danger that instead of more, there will be LESS and LESS AMOUNT of crucial resources available, while their PRICES will be HIGHER and HIGHER:

- There are more and more WATER shortages, and we can anticipate even bigger ones. Lithium-ion manufacturing for EVs, growing capacity data centers, computers running AI, and industrial agriculture require more and more water while rising temperatures are causing even more need and less water supply. As a result (and a cause), our RIVERS, LAKES, and even GROUNDWATER are DRYING OUT, causing even more water shortages. 

- FOOD is becoming more and more SCARCE and EXPENSIVE due to wars, droughts, and other plagues, or LESSER QUALITY due to the decades-long exploitation of soil by industrial agriculture.

- We need more and more ENERGY to pump the groundwater from deeper and deeper, to use more air conditioning for homes and cooling for growing data centers, and to fuel more and more EVs.


- If one of the crucial resources is insufficient, it hurts the ability to obtain the others, and the system becomes very unstable.

Probably you also noticed that the supplies of ALL our crucial resources have become VERY PROBLEMATIC and EXPENSIVE, so WE, AS HUMANITY, ARE in REAL DANGER.

At CRUCIAL RESOURCES, we have been working on finding the best solutions for supplying our CRUCIAL RESOURCES: good quality Water, Food, Energy, and Health at affordable prices.

We have found the following solutions: PLEASE GET IN TOUCH WITH US IF YOU KNOW BETTER SOLUTIONS so we can offer those to Humanity worldwide. You WILL RECEIVE CONTINUOUS REFERRAL FEES (see 1Shop) and can BE PROUD because you help Humanity by supplying Crucial Resources.

We can solve WATER SUPPLY by on-shore and off-shore desalination, as detailed in the "Energy Efficient & Profitable Microplastic Free WATER SUPPLY" project.

We can ease the problems of FOOD SUPPLY by natural fertilizers for the soil, food supplements for animals and plants(!), and hydroponic food production for humans; the details of these projects will follow soon.

We can ease the problems of ENERGY STORAGE with our Utmost Efficiency ENERGY STORAGE project, and we can GENERATE ENERGY with our HYDROCARBONS & ENERGY by Waste Recycling project.

We can ease HEALTH PROBLEMS already with SAFE LASER. Other health products and projects are coming soon.

Besides Crucial Resources, we work on projects in RECYCLING, CONSTRUCTION, and COMMERCE.