Wood: +Durable, Waterproof, Stronger, Lighter, Antifungal


Humanity needs forests for the ecological balance of the Earth, but forests have been exploited for centuries as a source of wood and for obtaining land for agricultural use, so we have much fewer forests than we need for a healthy planet. 

As a result of fewer forests, we already have to face very serious problems like loss of biodiversity, migration of wildlife, ecological imbalance, soil erosion, flooding, desert encroachment, and disruption in the hydrological cycle of the water catchment areas. 

On the other hand, we need more and more wood as raw material, also as a building material used in construction.

The price of wood is increasing dramatically.

The solution is BLOKKWOOD, a heat-treated wood material with extraordinary features and characteristics

BLOKKWOOD is manufactured by a gentle green technology, a heat treatment taking only a few hours, modifying the cellulose in the wood, stunningly improving the main features of the wood that becomes outstandingly more durable, more beautiful, more dimensionally stable, more load-bearing, and also 100% free of toxic chemicals.

Imagine what would you build of such a wood that is, because of its lower water content, much lighter, in many ways much stronger, water-, fungi-, and insect resistant and therefore significantly more durable than its untreated counterpart? 

BLOKKWOOD is so waterproof and anti-fungal that it can be used even in the bathroom.

A 12 hours treatment plus around 50% more cost increases the value of the wood by 3-400%, creating enormous extra profit!

Fungi, bark-beetles, termites, or other insects don’t attack it because it doesn’t offer appropriate nutrients for them.

Bacteria hardly can reproduce on its surface, so it is naturally antibacterial.

Besides using it as a cover material and structural wood, new application possibilities on the global market are a great profit multiplier.

Become our partner manufacturing or owning BLOKKWOOD, you may contact us at +44 20 8144-3799 or [email protected].

BLOKKWOOD is an outstanding green technology for wood and construction companies and a great business opportunity for anyone wishing to earn money creating a maintainable ecology and economy.