ISRV Vein-Scanner: Highest Accuracy Personal ID

Biometric authentication systems measure the individual physical characteristics of a person and use the data for personal authentication. In our case, the vein sensor within the palm vein scanner measures and records the hand’s vein structure by the emission of infrared light.

Opposite to other technologies which use surface characteristics (fingerprint, face recognition), the vein sensor measures the vein structure below one’s skin, therefore the biometric template cannot be stolen. Due to the fact that we are using an inner biometric characteristic, secret data collection is not possible without one’s knowledge.

The palm vein recognition based technology’s uniqueness and advantages:

  • It identifies the vein structure within the hand in 5.000.000 points under 0.8 - 1 second, therefore it works with the lowest error rate
  • It can be used regardless of outdoor weather and light conditions
  • It does not leave any trace during use, therefore it cannot be used for secret data collection
  • by using the technology, the identified person’s health conditions cannot be determined

The wide array of applications of security solutions based on ISRV Security vein-scanner systems represent a very cost-effective technology, It may be used for business management, authentication with special security requirements as well as working time records for enterprises or SMEs, not to mention the integration of existing systems.

Vein-scanner-based authentication means a heavy-duty system that is highly accurate and flexible for the management of workforce up to several tens of thousands of employees as well as mass events of similar scales, but it is also suitable for the authnetication and access control of smaller groups (e.g.: wellness centers, hospitals, theaters and concert halls). This technology has a lower specific cost as compared to currently available technologies while ensuring a higher accuracy, fault-tolerance and security. A further advantage of vein-scanning technology is that it does not require wristbands, digital tokens, magentic or RFID cards that can be lost, damaged, stolen or be prone to malfunction. This means extra cost savings during long-time use while at the same time eliminates the possibility of fraud.

The usage of the technology does not require the presence of highly trained professionals, therefore it can be safely operated by an untrained workforce or laymen as well.

The research and development branch of our company is continuously looking for innovative ways to enable us to offer security solutions to an ever wider circle of clients, but we enjoy the challenge of working on unique systems as well. We offer the following solutions: 

Biometric authentication

A touchless authentication system that can be integrated into a wide array of applications. With high tolerance for errors it is ideal to use in an industrial environment as well.

Physical access control

We offer highly dependable and easy to use biometric solutions based on vein-scanner systems to ensure accuracy and speed even during events with hundreds of thousands of attendants.

Biometric encryption 

Forget passwords! User-friendly solutions for biometric email-encryption and other security applications.

Payment solutions

PIN-codes are a thing of the past! With the help of payment solutions backed by biometric identification, cash transaction costs will be minimized while service becomes a lot faster.

BS Login, Biometric Windows login

Accessing Windows via password is the most common way. The only problem is that the passwords identify only themselves and it is uncontrollable for the system who has entered the pasword.

Digital Authorization

Paper-free processing is gaining ground in more and more areas. The spread of secure technologies (e.g. PKI - Public Key Infrastructure, authentication services, etc) now means that we can safely exchange information with unknown partners.

Airbus, University of Óbuda and the Groupama Football Stadium (Budapest) are among the references. At Groupama Football Stadium we have more than 100.000 registered users with different authentication levels.

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