Live Energy Bicarbonate Retard Capsule by MedicoSwiss


Can you imagine a product that has a prominent impact in the different worlds of the pharmaceutical industry, sports nutrition, performance enhancement, and the beauty industry, especially on aging retardants?

Introducing Live Energy Bicarbonate Retard Capsule by MedicoSwiss!

Bicarbonate is an essential component helping to keep the acid-base balance in the human body secreted by the pancreas. Low levels of it in the blood may cause too much acid in the body (metabolic acidosis) resulting in a wide range of health conditions.

Bicarbonate is on the POSITIVE DOPING LIST of the International Olympic Committee.

Until now, the only effective method of application has been to deliver bicarbonate directly into the bloodstream, as its oral administration is neutralized by gastric acid.

A research team of medical professors has created a special capsule with micro pellets so that the bicarbonate can exert its optimal effect directly in the small intestine.

So from now on our food supplement dosage Live Energy Bicarbonate Retard Capsule by MedicoSwiss can be used effectively in sports nutrition as a performance enhancer, accelerating regeneration and inhibiting acidification, and in cosmetics for a significant slowdown in the premature aging of the skin and body. 

Our pharmaceutical dosage Live Energy Bicarbonate Retard Capsule by MedicoSwiss may be used in medicine for the effective treatment of inflammatory diseases, indigestion, chronic diseases, as well as diabetes and obesity.

Professor Dr. Peter Hegyi, Strategic Director of Pancreas Center at Semmelweis University and internationally renowned pancreas specialist says

…If bicarbonate is added to an acidic medium, it will equalize its pH. A significant amount of acid is produced in the stomach and a lot of people have acid-related diseases. 

From the stomach, a lot of this acid gets into the small intestine after a meal. It is so acidic that it has a pH of 2 (pH 7 is the neutral pH in the body). This corresponds to the pH of hydrochloric acid for which the small intestine and digestive enzymes are not prepared to aid digestion. This is why the pancreas is in the human body: It produces significant amounts of digestive enzymes and bicarbonate. This, in conjunction with stomach acid, neutralizes it, resulting in a more alkaline pH. Thus, normal digestion and intestinal flora are possible for the human body (which is between 7-8 pH). If it stays too acidic, a lot of problems can develop (ulcer disease). As a solution, we usually take the antacid, but that is not so healthy. 

Acid is a defense for the body. If the stomach acid is reduced in any way, the stomach’s sterilization system will be damaged. This sterilizing effect is important because what goes down from the stomach into the small intestine is sterile and thus maintains a healthy intestinal flora. We fight the stomach ulcer by applying an acid scavenger to about 5 times the pH of the stomach, which no longer kills the bacteria, so dysbacteriosis develops in the intestines, causing a lot of diseases and indigestion. 

So the solution is not to use antacids but to increase the amount of bicarbonate. But why is it a big thing? If we take bicarbonate orally then we will have similarly bad results as with the antacids: It works and lowers the acidity in the stomach where it really shouldn't. This is where the bicarbonate capsule comes in. There is no bicarbonate deficiency in the stomach but there is indeed in the small intestines. 

Summarizing: Unlike antacids, Live Energy Bicarbonate Retard Capsule by MedicoSwiss is unique in delivering bicarbonate to the small intestine so that it could exert its very beneficiary effects right where needed, so it is uniquely Improving Health, Skin, Sports Performance, and Anti-aging.

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