Automatic Rope-Free Docking APP for Yachts

We are looking for co-owners for DockStar Inc. immediately, clients and distributors from August. 

Tens of millions of people own yachts and boats and many more would enjoy yachting if operating boats, especially mooring or docking wouldn’t be that dangerous: more than 90% of Yachting accidents happen during docking.  

Modern yachts are equipped with equipment to increase comfort and safety like navigation and communication systems, radars, and depth scanners - while still using ropes for docking, this is why docking is an inconvenient, often tense, very dangerous, and literally “accidental” activity for the captain, the crew and the passengers alike.

The yachts and boats only need to be navigated to the port and the system will operate fully automatically onwards.

DockStar automatically catches any yacht or boat between 20 and 60 feet long without human intervention as soon as it approaches the docking point to about 30 to 50 centimeters.

At the front and aft of the yacht, the system adjusts it from below at such an angle that ensures the ideal mooring position using two-wheeled locking arms and then secures the yacht to the floating pier with a sufficiently close connection. In the event of undulation, the anchorage moves with the boat.

The risk of personal injury is completely ruled out.

DockStar offers convenience never before experienced in sailing, such as mobile-controlled departure and arrival.

As each DockStar berth can be integrated into a single IT system for the whole port, additional security features are also available, most importantly theft protection.

Using DockStar: No stress, no risk, no discomfort.

DockStar’s previous prototype was already given the rare opportunity to be introduced at the main pier of the Monaco Yacht Show and Prince Albert was also amazed by seeing our previous prototype.

We plan to introduce our new generation DockStar at the Monaco Yacht Show on September ‘22.

Become our partner owning DockStar and come with us to Monaco! 

You may contact us at +44 20 8144-3799 or [email protected].

Becoming a partner will most likely benefit you financially and you will be the proud owner of a company solving the biggest and most dangerous problem of a very solvent target market group, the tens of millions of yacht and boat owners of the world.