ADNS: Protecting Your Products, Documents & Brand

The falsification of documents and products is one of the most injurious illegal acts in the world. The patented ADNS method developed by experts in Intellectual Property Right Management and IT solutions can protect your Documents and Products, hence your Brand as well. LOOKING FOR USERS.

The ADNS method applies a tamper-proof unique identification code thus can be custom-tailored to the needs of basically any organization. The proven uniqueness of the code is based on a mathematical (cryptographic) method.

All attributes, the circumstances of the genesis of the document / product, the circumstances of the use of them, the persons and organizations who have had any contact with the document / product can be stored in a knowledge database. This knowledge base together with the undeniable connection of the granted unique identification code to the document / product ensures the strongest logical defense that practically can’t be broken with any kind of code-breaking or hacking solution.

Important: ADNS does NOT STORE your documents or the data of your products, only an encrypted version of it that no one can read, but ADNS still can prove if the document was modified. This solution is magnitude cheaper than any kind of special label or seal with physical protection and can be applied in a wide spectrum of industries. The ADNS code can be put simply in a machine-readable form, e.g. as QR-code with any kind of printer, you don’t need any special equipment.

The clients of ADNS include the giant hypermarket chain "Tesco", also food and clothing manufacturers.

License Marketing is the official business development partner of the ADNS solution. If you would like to know more about protecting your valuables, please contact us here.