A New Form of Personalized Seating & Reclining Comfort


Ever dreamed of owning a product people ask why it hasn't existed before? Look no further!


We spend 60-70% of our lives sitting and lying. The hardness of current traded seating and lying pillows cannot be adjusted. The consequence is unnecessary discomfort, soon a feeling of being numbed and discomfort occurs in the case of sitting stools. And in case of lying stool sleep disorders, even after longer sleep fatigue, even concrete sleeping sicknesses.

70 years ago the open-cell PU (polyurethane) foam, in its everyday name the foam rubber caused with noble simplicity a revolution in the world of comfort, forced a whole industry to its knees and became a billion-dollar business.

We say nothing less than that we are holding in our hands the next revolutionary novelty of the world’s furniture industry, the material, and technology required for the CHEAP and MASSIVE production of adjustable seat cushions and lying mattresses, the Energy Free Comfort (EFC) system. 

Reforming and new normality for the furniture industry and production of the world. 

What is now through EFC technology at our disposal, that cannot be realized cheaper and easier, and that’s what the market is looking for.

Mass production of seat cushions and lying mattresses with adjustable hardness, at negligible cost compared with the price of the furniture. 

EFC is an easily adaptable complementary technology that can be easily taken over by the furniture industry even in the case of currently manufactured furniture products.

Through EFC (Energy Free Comfort) technology the unique, rapid, and simple adjustment of the hardness of sitting and lying surfaces is realized with astonishing easiness and flawless fullness in addition to such a low price that doesn’t influence the selling price of the given furniture. 

Extensive application areas for the EFC comfort system technology give a competitive edge on the market.

What is the end result? Healthy, happy people sitting and lying around.

Become our partner manufacturing or owning EFC!

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Becoming a partner will most likely make you proud by benefiting all people around you by creating this new norm of comfortable personalized choice for sitting and lying.