Our Team

Árpád Burányi
Electrical Engineer, Technical physicist, CEO / Founder
As an Electrical Engineer Árpád Burányi has almost 30 years of experience in IT & Telecom, as a successful entrepreneur gained more than 25 years of experience in Marketing & Media. He studied MBA and economics as well. He speaks five languages fluently, has lived in 10 countries and has gathered entrepreneurial experience in 13 countries. He organized successful TV launch campaigns of major international companies including Shell, BBC, Microsoft, Nokia, US West & Bosch. As an angel investor he`s actively been supporting marketable ideas and companies. With 14 years of business experience in Brazil, his main focus is on bringing and introducing digital media, mobile, e-commerce and other technologies to the Brazilian market and to the TV Channels, Telecom and Teleshopping companies Worldwide.
Dr. Barbara Targos
Medical Doctor, Linguist, Scientific Counsel, Latin American markets
Dr. Barbara Targos has an MA in linguistics and an MD of general medicine from the “National University of Cordoba”, one of the oldest universities of Latin America. She also studied health related Economics. Dr. Targos has several years of experience in clinical and pharmaceutical research and management that she gained at multinational pharmaceutical and research companies. Her main domain is project management. Dr. Targos lived in Argentina for ten years and spent longer periods in Spain and England. She speaks fluent Spanish, English, German and Hungarian. Within License Marketing she is in charge of health related projects and projects related to Spanish speaking markets.
Tamás Katona
Economist, Business Development
Tamás Katona has several years of experience working with multinational companies in the field of e-marketing. Earlier he was managing the different aspects of investment processes between the Hungarian Government and Fortune 500 companies. He speaks English, German, Spanish and Hungarian. As an EEF Alumni and small business co-founder possesses deep knowledge and understanding about the challenges of the SME sector. He is an avid learner studying the ever changing impact of social, business and technological aspects on human behaviour and culture. His primary role is to identify, monitor and screen diverse cooperation opportunities, also to build and maintain relationships on a Global scale with possible future partners of License Marketing. As a US citizen, he can be also very useful for License Marketing in our US operations.