Smart Novelties

Naked-eye 3D & Holographic mobile devices revolutionizing e-commerce.

A thrilling experience and a thrilling Business Opportunity: 3D commercials without using 3D glasses on our Naked-eye 3D mobile phones, tablets & TV sets, and Holographic 3D commercials on our Holographic 3D phone! Selling Naked-eye 3D and Holographic 3D phones, tablets and TV sets could create a new business opportunity for DRTV companies and a great advantage over competitors who do not act quick enough.

Our partners will soon be able to project the holographic images of their advertised products in front of the eyes of their customers, a thrilling experience!

These technologies will NOT be introduced in the next decade, they are already HERE RIGHT NOW: our supplier is the pioneer of the Naked-eye 3D and Holographic Television technologies, you can order their Naked-eye 3D devices and pre-order their 2015 CES Award Winning Holographic 3D phone RIGHT NOW!

These technologies can shake the e-commerce industry: whoever starts to air Naked-eye 3D and/or Holographic 3D commercials first can have a huge share in the future of e-commerce.

Starting a cooperation in this field our DRTV partners could sell the devices (phones, tablets, TV sets) that will allow to their prospects, the viewers to experience Naked-eye 3D & Holographic TV spots and infomercials very soon: the quickest companies can make profit making their CUSTOMERS PAYING FOR THE NEW SALES CHANNEL ITSELF!

Isn't that amazing?!

In case of big enough orders the Naked-eye 3D devices are coming with your own brand.

Secure your share on the new e-commerce landscape NOW! :-)

Some additional information about our "Smart Novelties" business line: Amidst the ever changing fields of technology we at License Marketing carefully monitor the newest technologies and suppliers on the market in order to introduce, partner and sell the hottest novelties to our clients.

As our suppliers sell huge quantities to big companies (Ingram Micro,Metro, Lidl, Aldi, etc.), we can provide very favorable prices to our DRTV partners.

Our main supplier is a TOP 500 company, one of the leading suppliers of the Mobile Phone and Television manufacturers, supplying 70% of the batteries for Apple and Samsung, the exclusive supplier of General Motors and VolksWagen for car sound systems, the 3rd biggest supplier of China Mobile.

Please let us know if you would wish to visit our booth at the GSMA Mobile World Congress between 2-5 March 2015.

We are also offering smaller items that can protect these valuable new devices from losing or breaking and that can be sold immediately on their own, or as add-ons or up-sell items, such as: - the best quality BEACONS on the market (XY Find It)

ANTI-SHOCK, ANTI-SPY and ANTI-BLUE LIGHT GLASSES for phones and tablets that are 9x stronger than usual glasses of phones and tablets, practically unbreakable!